Provide tough greases for wide range of applications.

    FETT LT-EP 2

    Fett LT-EP 2 is a high quality multi purpose, extreme pressure grease, formulated with high viscosity index mineral oils, lithium hydroxystreate soap thickener, extreme-pressure additives, and other high quality additives that ensure a great performance in a wide range of applications

    FETT LM-2

    Fett LM-2 is a premium, high performance grease that is formulated using high viscosity index mineral oil and lithium complex soap, supported with best additives that suits the lubrication of slow moving, heavily loaded bearings.


    is a premium multi purpose grease made of high viscosity index oil and lithium complex soap thickener and specially developed synergistic additive for lubrication of applications with up to 170 oC condition, under normal to heavy loads.