High performances oil for hydraulic applications. Efficient and provide best protection for hydraulic system parts.


    Lorent Z is formulated from highly refined paraffinic oil, fortified with antifoam and anti-wear additives as well as rust and oxidation inhibitors. This series of oils have been developed to provide antiwear characteristic, oxidation stability, and hydrolytic breakdown as well as low foaming tendency. Available in four variants: Lorent Z 32, Lorent Z 46, Lorent Z 68, Lorent Z 100.


    Lorent HVI is made of high quality mineral base oil group II, specially developed for uses in hydraulic systems. Lorent HVI is formulated with anti-foam, anti-oxidant, anti-wear, rust inhibitor, pour point depressant, viscosity index improver, and extreme pressure. Available in three variants: Lorent HVI 46, Lorent HVI 68, Lorent HVI 100.


    Lorent ZNF is an ashless antiwear hydraulic with high quality mineral base oil group II specially developed for use in hydraulic systems that require fluids which posses an extremely high viscosity index and a very low pour point for correct operation (ISO-L-HV classification). Lorent ZNF is formulated with viscosity index improver, pour point depressant, extreme pressure, anti-foam, anti-oxidant, anti-wear and rust inhibitor. Available in two variants: Lorent ZNF 46, Lorent ZNF 68.


    Lorent ZM is a hydraulic oil developed from high quality paraffinic base oil with  anti-foam, anti-oxidant, anti-wear and rust inhibitor additif and meet the ISO-L-HM specification. Lorent ZM available in three variants: Lorent ZM 32, Lorent ZM 46 dan Lorent ZM 68